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What makes Columbian Coffee so good?

Saltwinds Coffee Company is introducing a new single-origin Colombian coffee! But what makes this coffee unique? Keep reading to find out!

Year Round Harvesting

Unlike other single-origin coffees, Colombian coffee is harvested all year round! Situated near the equator, Colombia experiences consistant daylight and temperatures, providing ideal conditions for coffee cultivation throughout the year. Additionally, Colombia’s varied topography, including high-altitude mountain ranges and lowland valleys, creates a range of microclimates suited for different stages of coffee growth. This diversity allows for staggered planting and harvesting cycles, ensuring a continuous supply of coffee beans.

High Altitude Cultivation

One of the key factors contributing to the exceptional quality of Colombian coffee is its cultivation at high altitudes. Coffee plants thrive in the elevated regions of the Colombian Andes, where cooler temperatures and ample rainfall create optimal growing conditions. The slower maturation process at higher altitudes allows the beans to develop greater complexity and depth of flavour, resulting in a more nuanced cup of coffee.

Arabica Excellence

Colombian coffee predominantly consists of Arabica beans, prized for their superior quality and nuanced flavour profiles. Arabica beans grown in Colombia are celebrated for their well-balanced acidity, medium body, and smooth finish. Colombian Arabica coffee offers a consistently delightful sensory experience that captivates the palate with every sip.

Vibrant Flavour Profile

Colombian coffee is renowned for its vibrant flavour profile, characterized by notes of caramel, citrus, berries, and chocolate, among others. Colombian coffee adds brightness to the cup;  its medium body provides a smoothness. Whether brewed as a classic drip coffee, espresso, or French press, Colombian coffee is truly delightful with its complexity and depth of flavour.

Strict Quality Standards

Colombia takes immense pride in its coffee industry, implementing stringent quality control measures to maintain its reputation for excellence. The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) plays a pivotal role in upholding these standards, providing support to local farmers and ensuring adherence to strict cultivation and processing practices. From hand-picking only ripe cherries to meticulous processing methods, every step of the coffee production process is carefully monitored to uphold the quality synonymous with Colombian coffee.

Colombian Tolima – Single Origin – Medium Roast Coffee


Smooth, rich, intense – delicious!  There is no coffee that better expresses the classic coffee flavours than Colombian coffee. Sweet profile with the flavours of soft citrus, chocolate and plum.

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