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Because there is no better way to experience the uniqueness of Saltwinds Coffee.  We're now offering in person and virtual coffee tastings to select Canadian wholesalers.

During our FREE Saltwinds Coffee tasting you will:

  • Receive a free sample pack of unique Saltwinds premium coffee(s).
  • Learn about how we created our unique 'Ocean Air' inflused coffee, which has won International Coffee competitions and the hearts of coffee lovers across Canada.
  • Have a coffee tasting guided by one of our coffee experts .
  • Learn ways your business can increase sales and attract new customers by including Saltwinds Coffee in your product mix.
  • Discuss unique packaging and coffee selections available for your store.

Special Message From our Founder and Roast Master, Laura Richard:

Our commitment to great coffee goes hand in hand with ethical sourcing. Every bean in your cup reflects our dedication to fair partnerships with farmers globally. 


Ethical Sourcing: We prioritize fair wages and sustainable practices, ensuring that your coffee has a positive impact on communities and the environment.


Direct Connections: Whenever possible, we visit coffee farms, forging personal connections with farmers. This allows us to curate a unique and exceptional coffee experience for you.


Crafted with Care: Our skilled roasters bring out distinct flavors from each origin, ensuring a cup that's not only delicious but also tells a story of dedication and sustainability.


Savor more than just a cup of coffee with us. Experience craftsmanship, responsibility, and the joy of knowing your coffee is sourced with care.

Laura removing defective coffee beans.

This Virtual Tasting is Right for You IF...

  • You know and love Saltwinds coffee and want to find out more about it!
  • You sell coffee now, and are interested in finding out about Saltwinds and how it can enhance your coffee offering and increase your coffee sales!
  • You do not have a coffee offering today, but would like to learn more about how it could be a revenue driver for your business!

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