Saltwinds Brand
Ambassador Program

If you love Saltwinds Coffee Company and want to help us promote great coffee and the Saltwinds values to the world, then our Brand Ambassador program might be for you! Our Ambassadors are required to promote and tag @saltwindscoffee in social media posts, in exchange for great Saltwinds coffee, exclusive discounts, swag, and more!

Brand Ambassador Requirements

  • More than 2k followers on one or more social media channels (we may consider people with high engagement if you have less than this).
  • Ability to create high quality, eye catching content
  • Similar aesthetic and values to the Saltwinds Brand
  • A LOVE for great coffee!

Sign up today and join the crew!

Captain Salty Dog

"Listen up, ye coffee lovers! Join our crew and sail the seas of flavor with the boldest brews. Aye, this be the coffee that fuels legends!"

Captain Brewbeard

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