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Saltwinds Responsible Coffee Sourcing

Responsible sourcing of coffee beans involves a commitment to ethical, social, and environmental considerations throughout the entire supply chain. It encompasses various practices aimed at ensuring that coffee production is sustainable, respects the rights and well-being of farmers and workers, and minimizes negative impacts on the environment.

Find below some of the key elements of responsible sourcing of coffee beans:

Direct Relationships with Farmers

Building direct relationships with coffee farmers allows roasters and retailers to have a more transparent and equitable supply chain. Direct trade practices involve direct communication with producers, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, and fostering long-term partnerships. This often results in a better understanding of the specific challenges faced by farmers and ensures that a higher percentage of the revenue goes directly to the farmers.

Saltwinds is committed to continuing to build direct relationships with all of the farmers producing our coffees.

Fair Prices and Fair Labour Practices for Farmers

Ensuring that coffee farmers receive fair prices for their beans is a fundamental aspect of responsible sourcing. Responsible sourcing aims to eliminate exploitative labor practices and improve the livelihoods of coffee-producing communities.

Saltwinds is committed to striving to ensure that workers are treated with dignity, have safe working conditions, and receive fair wages.

Laura removing defective coffee beans.

Caring for the Farmers

Sustainable Farming

Responsible sourcing emphasizes sustainable agricultural practices. This includes promoting methods such as organic farming, shade-grown cultivation, and agroforestry. These practices help preserve biodiversity, maintain soil health, and reduce the reliance on synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Transparency and Traceability

Transparent supply chains allow consumers to trace the journey of their coffee from the origin to the final product. Responsible sourcing includes providing information about the coffee's origin, the farmers involved, and the specific conditions under which it was produced. This transparency builds trust with consumers and allows them to make informed choices.

Certifications and Standards

Participating in reputable certifications and adhering to industry standards contribute to responsible sourcing. Certifications such as Fairtrade Intl, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified, and Smithsonian Bird-Friendly indicate that certain environmental and social criteria are met. Compliance with these standards provides consumers with confidence in the ethical sourcing practices of the coffee.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Saltwinds Coffee is committed to the promotion of sustainable farming practices by  prioritizing coffees that utilize organic farming, shade-grown cultivation and other similar sustainable farming practices.

Transparency and Traceability

Saltwinds is committed to providing transparency in our supply chain.  Saltwinds will provide a mechanism for transparency for all available information.

Certifications and Standards

  • Saltwinds supports the reputable certifications and standards, and will source beans with these standards from the larger producers where possible.
  • Saltwinds recognizes that the smaller producers may not have the means to achieve these certifications, and we will still support the smaller producers if we are able to verify that sustainable practices and fair working conditions are being met.


Black Condor Coffee

The Black Condor project is a community focused project in Tolima, Colombia.  The project works with 86 local small hold farmers to help teach them to grow and process clean coffees with few defects.  

Saltwinds Coffee Company is supporting the Black Condor project by bringing in beans directly from the community. This ensures price stability for farmers and shields them from the stress of market fluctuations thus enabling continuous improvements in their exceptional coffee production!

By choosing Black Condor coffee, not only will you enjoy delicious coffee, but you help Colombian coffee farmers achieve success in their community!

Caring for Communities

Community Engagement and Development - Now and for the FUTURE!

Community Engagement and Development

Responsible sourcing goes beyond fair prices and fair labor practices; it includes initiatives that support the overall well-being of coffee-producing communities. This may involve investments in education, healthcare, infrastructure, or other projects that contribute to sustainable community development.

Saltwinds Coffee supports community coffee initiatives and cooperatives that have demonstrated value to their communities by prioritizing the usage of their coffee.

Continuous Improvement and Collaboration

Companies engaged in responsible sourcing are committed to ongoing improvement. This may involve collaborating with farmers, local communities, and other stakeholders to address emerging challenges, adopt best practices, and contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes.

Saltwinds Coffee is committed to  engaging with farmers, local communities and other stakeholders to help to improve the coffee industry as a whole.

Caring for the Environment

Environmental Stewardship

This involves minimizing water usage, reducing energy consumption, and implementing waste reduction measures. Companies may also invest in initiatives that contribute to reforestation, carbon offset programs, or other projects that promote environmental sustainability.

Saltwinds Coffee is committed to continued investment in investments which will continue the de-carbonization of our coffee, and we promote practices at the farms to improve environmental sustainability.

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Saltwinds Environmental Innovations

"Saltwinds carbon-capture roasting technology is used in the exhaust flue of a roaster, capturing the CO2 that is emitted when coffee beans are roasted. This means they can create both a delicious tasting cup, through a more carbon-neutral process."

Tyson MacInnisTyson MacInnisRegional Innovation Director - Canadian Food Innovation Network
Canadian Food Innovation Network
Sustainable Bix Canada

Overall, responsible coffee sourcing is a holistic approach that considers the entire coffee supply chain, from the farm to the cup, with the goal of promoting fairness, sustainability, and positive social impact to all players, big or small. Consumers who prioritize responsible sourcing can support these efforts by choosing coffee products that align with their values and preferences.

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