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TASTES OF THE MARITIMES - flavoured coffee gift set

A 3 pack flavoured gift set of Saltwinds Coffees’ Maritime blends. This set contains three 100g packs of our flavours that evoke the Maritimes: the award winning Ocean Air infused dark roast, our comforting Maritime Maple flavoured coffee, and the tangy Wild Maritime Blueberry flavoured coffee. The three bags are decoratively packaged in a gift box with a descriptive card and tied with rustic twine. Choose from whole bean or preground (medium grind).

A perfect sized sampler pack of Saltwinds Coffee’s unique Maritime flavoured coffees for the coffee lover in your life – or for yourself! This sampler pack contains Saltwinds’ award winning Ocean Air infused dark roast coffee, and two Maritime flavoured coffee, our Wild Maritime Blueberry flavoured medium roast and the Maritime Maple medium roast. With this pack, you get the chance to sample how coffee used to taste when it first came to Canada on wooden sailing ships. In those days, fresh ocean air infused the coffee beans during their voyage, making the coffee smoother and less bitter. When we switched to modern steel hulled container ships, those flavours were lost – until now! The Taste of the Maritimes gift set allows the opportunity to sample the range of Saltwinds coffee blends. Each of the three coffees in this set is packaged individually in a sealed 100g bag, either preground to a medium setting (suitable for a drip machine) or whole bean. Select whether you prefer whole bean or ground when you order. The three bags are decoratively packaged in a white gift box with a clear lid, tied securely with twine. Included in the box is also a descriptive card about Saltwinds Coffee and our unique ocean air infusion process. It’s a beautiful set that is ready to gift or enjoy.

The three coffees included in this set are:

  • Maritime Maple: a medium roast coffee infused with the subtle sweetness of maple syrup – nutty tones, caramel-like and rich
  • Wild Maritime Blueberry: a medium roast coffee that takes your taste buds on a nautical adventure. Tangy maritime blueberry pairs perfectly with the natural chocolatey flavours of the coffee
  • Ocean Air: an international award winning dark roast that is infused with ocean air, this coffee leads with bold chocolatey flavours and notes of salted caramel, and closes with an exceptionally smooth non-bitter finish

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