Eggnog Flavoured Coffee


Savor the season with our Medium Roast Eggnog Coffee—a nautical blend of creamy indulgence and festive spice. Set sail for a flavorful voyage! ⚓🎄☕

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In the days when green coffee was brought to Canada in wooden sailing ships, the beans often took on the flavour of other tropical products packed in the hold with them. We’ve recreated that experience with our unique “Treasures from the Hold” series. In this festive offering, creamy eggnog melds beautiful with our richly aromatic medium roasted coffee. A touch of warming spices finishes off this perfect holiday cup.

Embark on a nautical flavor voyage with our Medium Roast Eggnog Delight Coffee. Crafted from the finest Arabica beans, this blend marries the rich essence of eggnog with the smooth waves of medium roast. Sail into the season with a comforting cup that carries the festive notes of nutmeg and creamy indulgence. Let each sip transport you to a cozy ship cabin, where the aroma of warming spices and eggnog blends seamlessly with the sea breeze. Brew, sip, and savor the warmth of the holidays on the high seas. A festive and nautical delight awaits in every cup. ⚓🎄☕

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340g (12 oz)

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