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Saltwinds Coffee Company
Saltwinds Coffee Company
Made in the Maritimes

Decaf Ocean Air Coffee

Ocean air infused dark roast coffee.  Harkening back to the age of sail, this coffee is infused with ocean air, producing a coffee that is smoother, less bitter and has a delicious saltwater taffy note.  International Award Winning!

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Step back into the high seas of the olden days with Saltwinds unique ocean-fresh coffee. Our proprietary process faithfully recreates the original flavors of beans that wooden sailing ships transported over long distances. The ocean treatment process enhances coffee flavors, crafting a mellower, smoother cup with a delectable note of saltwater taffy. We utilize premium water processed decaf green beans to elevate the experience. Don’t miss the chance to sample this decaffeinated dark roast blend today; it’s a taste experience you mustn’t miss!

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