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Cold Brew - Ocean Air - 910g

Sail the high seas of flavor with Saltwind's Cold Brew Coffee. Crafted from ocean-air infused Arabica beans, it's a robust voyage into maritime richness, specially formulated to provide the richest and best tasting cold brew. This unique coffee took third place in the International Cold Brew Championships in 2023, so brew up an award-winning cup and embark on a nautical coffee adventure! ⚓🌊☕

Experience the high seas of olden days with Saltwind’s unique, ocean-fresh coffee – specially formulated to give you the best cold brew possible! This Cold Brew coffee won third place in the Toddy International Cold Brew Championships in El Salvador in March 2023, where its bold yet smooth taste wowed the judges.

Set sail on a bold journey with our ocean air infused dark roast cold brew coffee. Crafted from the finest, Ocean Air infused Arabica beans, this brew boasts waves of intense flavor, akin to the strength of the open ocean. Roasted to perfection, it unveils a maritime symphony of robust, smoky notes and a deep, velvety richness. Let the salty sea breeze of this aromatic brew transport you to nautical bliss. As you navigate through the bold currents of this dark roast, savor the dark chocolate undertones and the powerful aroma that fills the air like the salty breeze at sea. The ocean air infusion process enhances the coffee flavours and creates a delicious, mellow and smooth cup. Each cup is a voyage into the depths of coffee excellence, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of adventure. Brew, sip, and embark on a nautical coffee expedition like never before!

In a large 2lb (910g) size format, you can choose between whole bean coffee and coarse ground for cold brew.

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