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 In this medium roasted coffee, the beans are infused with the subtle silky notes of coconut, imparting a rich creamy essence to the cup..


 This medium roasted coffee is tinged with delicate notes of fresh banana, making for a delicious and dessert-like drink.


 In this rich nutty offering, the creamy taste of roasted hazelnuts pairs perfectly with our medium roast Brazilian coffee.


In this Canadian themed offering, the sugary stickiness of Canadian maple syrup permeates the beans and brings a delicate sweetness to every sip.

Coconut coffee
Banana coffee
Hazelnut Coffee
Maple Coffee
Ocean Air Coffee

Experience Canadian coffee history.

Step into a world where wooden sailing ships set sail to Canadian shores, laden with precious coffee treasures.

Each bean breathed in the fresh ocean air, forever capturing the essence of a glorious maritime past. But as time slipped away, so did those divine flavors... until today.

Join us on a voyage of taste as we resurrect the lost echoes of history, reuniting you with the authentic maritime experience in every sip.