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Saltwinds Coffee Company
Saltwinds Coffee Company
Made in the Maritimes

Our Maritime Heritage

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I heard a story told many years about how coffee used to arrive in the Maritimes aboard wooden sailing ships.  During the voyage, the coffee would be exposed to the ocean air, causing a change to the coffee.   

As the story went, when the shipping industry switched to steel hulled ships people wanted the old better tasting coffee back.

As a longtime coffee lover, this story has stuck with me throughout the years as I always wondered if the story was true and what that coffee must have tasted like.

I retold this story to my partner Laura, who is a brilliant chemist.  Her reply was that since the coffee roasting process is a chemical process, she could likely recreate this coffee through some research and scientific testing. 

After numerous experiments and trials, we were drinking a delicious coffee with some really unique flavours and properties.  I was thrilled to learn that the story was true!

We were excited to share this delicious coffee with the world, so we set up a booth at the Garrison Night Market in Fredericton.   Our first summer at the market we sold out pretty much every night.  Our little roaster was running overtime!

At the end of the summer we decided to go all in on this Saltwinds Coffee journey, and the rest is history!  We have expanded our offering through partnerships with specialty gift stores, retail and specialty grocery stores.  Our online store has had sales from the farthest point in the East of Canada to the farthest point to the West of Canada and many points in between!

Be sure to pick some up today!

Garrison Market Booth

Saltwinds Coffee Company opened its doors in Douglas, NB in March 2022. Saltwinds Coffee Company brings the unique tastes of some of the best coffee beans from around the world freshly roasted using carbon friendly techniques, coupled with the clean Maritime air. Saltwinds focuses on reducing carbon in our roasting processes, and supporting Fair Trade and Organic where possible,  producing a variety of coffees that you can feel good about drinking.

Roasting seven days a week, we offer a selection of coffee varieties and roast levels to delight coffee aficionados of all levels. Be sure to grab a bag and try us out for yourself!

Give one person responsibility for listening to your customers and authority to act on what they hear.

Jonathon SmithJonathon SmithCEO at company
Saltwinds Responsible Coffee Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

Saltwinds coffee has a commitment to responsible sourcing, and producing a coffee that will be sustainable into the future.  Saltwinds has developed a proprietary CO2 capture technology which we continue to develop on our journey to reduce our carbon footprint.

Join us in our journey!

There is a rich heritage of delicious food and beverage products ‘Made in the Maritimes’.  We are thrilled to be able to produce a superior coffee with a historic Maritime connection!”

Brad RideoutBrad RideoutCEO – Saltwinds Coffee Company

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