Ocean Holiday Coffee Recipes

Here, in the maritimes, summertime means we can finally enjoy the ocean. These recipes were created to pair perfectly your perfect ocean getaway and follow the following categories: Hot Drink Recipe, Cold Drink Recipe, and Food Recipe. Breathe in the salt air and enjoy some Saltwinds Coffee recipes!

Hot Drink: Captain's Treat

Saltwinds Coffee with a small burlap bag

Set sail on a coffee adventure with the Captains Treat. This delicious warm drink combines the richness of Saltwinds Captain’s Blend Coffee with a dash of chocolate. Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or taking a break from a busy day, this coffee delight is your ticket to a moment of serenity by the ocean.

Cold Drink: Blueberry Frostwave

Dive into a refreshing wave of flavours with the Blueberry Frostwave, a cool and fruity sensation. Paired with Saltwinds Blueberry Flavoured Coffee, this icy blend takes on the sweetness of blueberries, creating a delightful symphony for your taste buds. This vibrant drink pairs perfectly with gazing at the shimmering ocean, as the cool salty breeze complements the fresh burst of blueberry goodness.

Food Recipe: Java Banana Parfait

Savour the Java Banana Parfait, a luscious treat that brings together the creaminess of banana with the robustness of coffee. This refreshing, cool parfait elevates your snacking experience, and adds a touch of Saltwinds Banana Flavoured Coffee-infused goodness to your ocean getaway by the ocean. Treat yourself to this perfect parfait, as the flavours transport you to an ocean paradise of flavour and relaxation.

These recipes were created by Team 8 in the NBCC and Saltwinds coffee recipe competition. They were inspired by the theme “Fun Summer Holiday by the Ocean.”

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