Delicious Arabica coffees elevated with premium flavours.

Barista Quality flavoured coffee, made even better with ocean air!

When coffees first came to Canada on wooden sailing ships, the ocean air would infuse the beans.  When they switched to steel ships, people wanted the old coffee back.  Saltwinds co-Founder and Roastmaster Laura wanted to know why.  After extensive experimentation she found that ocean air causes a change to the way that the coffee roasts resulting in coffee with more flavour, smoother and with a nice rich body.  Try some today in one of our unique ocean air infused flavoured coffees!

Salted Caramel 100g

Limited Time Offer!

Receive a free 100g Sample size Ocean Air Salted Caramel coffee with all orders until the end of May! 

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Iced Coffee

Use our coffees to make a great iced coffee this summer.  Our coffee are specially formulated to maintain their great flavours when iced.

Hot Coffee

Saltwinds flavoured coffees make a great comforting hot coffee.  Try some today!

Unique Flavours!

With a variety of unique flavoured coffees, and new ones being released all of the time, there is always something new for you to try!

Traditional coffee flavours ... elevated!

Try one of our traditional coffee flavours like Toasted Hazelnut or Maritime Maple and see the differerence that Ocean Air infusion makes!

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