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Saltwinds Coffee Company
Made in the Maritimes
Ocean Air Coffee

What is ‘Ocean Air’ Coffee?

Hi, my name is Brad Rideout, co-founder of Saltwinds Coffee.  I heard a story years ago about how coffee used to arrive in Canada on wooden sailing ships, and the ocean air would infuse the coffee during the journey.  As the story was told, when the shipping industry switched to steel hulled ships, people noticed a difference in the taste of the coffee, and the people wanted the old better tasting coffee back

In 2021, my partner, the brilliant chemist Dr. Laura Richard, embarked on a quest to recreate this legendary coffee. After numerous experiments and trials, she succeeded in creating a delicious ‘ocean air infused’ coffee!

Saltwinds  “Ocean Air Infusion” process causes a profound change , resulting in a coffee that is more flavourful, with a rich, full body.  A historically better coffee!   

Brad RIdeout CEO Quote

How did you create ‘Ocean Air’ Coffee?

Hi, I’m Dr. Laura Richard, Chemist, COO and Co-Founder of Saltwinds Coffee Company.

Through scientific experimentation, we have recreated the conditions that coffee would have experienced during its historic journey aboard wooden sailing ships.

As a result of our testing we have established our Pat Pending “Ocean Air Infusion Process”.  Using our process we have created for you our ‘Ocean Air’ coffee, a truly delicous coffee with enhanced flavours and a smooth, rich body.

Ocean Air Coffee – A scientifically tested & verifyably better coffee!

Laura in circle

Why ‘Ocean Air’ Coffee?

Better coffee

The ocean air process results in a coffee that is more flavourful, smoother and less bitter than non infused coffees.

International Award Winning

Awarded a bronze medal at the 2023 Producers and Roasters Forum El Salvador International Cold Brew Competition!

Made in the Maritimes

Our coffee is freshly roasted daily in Keswick, NB, Canada. By purchasing Saltwinds Coffee you are supporting jobs in the Canadian economy.

Unique Maritime Taste

The ocean air infustion adds a new flavor note that has been described as “Saltwater Taffy”.

Sustainable and Responsibly Sourced

We have a commitment to Sustainability and responsible sourcing.

CO2 Friendly

Saltwinds is committed to reducing our carbon footprint.  We have developed a proprietary carbon capture technology that we continue to improve.


Saltwinds is making waves on the International Coffee scene!

People just like YOU have had amazing experiences with Saltwinds Coffee!

What people say…

Ocean Air coffee is just a delicious cup of coffee! Lol. A rich but smooth flavor, no bitterness. Hints of like a cocoa and caramel almost but not sweet or overly powerful. I don’t find it salty at all just delightful . Dramatically synthesize integrated schemas with.”

Felicia LFelicia LOcean Air Coffee

Just received my shipment, including a bag of the Ocean Air. So, I went to that one first, and brewed it up in my Moka pot. It’s very smooth even when brewed at a strong shot. This will enable me to do foolish things much faster!

Thomas BThomas BOcean Air Coffee

Awesome coffee! Soon need a new bag.

Francine MFrancine MOcean Air Coffee

The coffee is sooooooo goood. One of the few ones that are worth drinking black.

Nick TNick TOcean Air Coffee

Great coffee !!

KJKJOcean Air Coffee

I like the rich taste of this coffee, have a delonghi machine that grinds the beans when brewing,ordered it online and it was here in two days, will definitely get more,it’s delicious!

Anne DAnne DOcean Air Coffee

In the news:

Ocean Air Infused Flavoured Coffees

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