Ocean Fresh Coffee

Ocean air makes BETTER tasting coffee.

Our international award winning Ocean Air coffee recreates coffee as it would have been when it arrived in Canada in the 1800s.  The ocean air infusion chemically changes the beans resulting in a better tasting coffee.  Try some today!

Experience Canadian coffee history.

Step into a world where wooden sailing ships set sail to Canadian shores, laden with precious coffee treasures. Each bean breathed in the fresh ocean air, forever capturing the essence of a glorious maritime past. But as time slipped away, so did those divine flavors... until today. Join us on a voyage of taste as we resurrect the lost echoes of history, reuniting you with the authentic maritime experience in every sip.


Ocean Air Coffee

Now available at Sobey's, Pete's Frootique, the Fredericton COOP and other amazing gift and specialty stores near you!

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International Award Winning

Awarded a bronze medal at the 2023 Producers and Roasters Forum El Salvador International Cold Brew Competition!

Smoother and Less Bitter

The ocean air process results in a coffee that is smoother and less bitter than non infused coffees.

CO2 Friendly

Saltwinds is committed to reducing our carbon footprint.  We have developed a proprietary carbon capture technology that we continue to improve.

Unique Maritime Taste

The ocean air infustion adds a new flavor note that has been described as "Saltwater Taffy".

Made in the Maritimes

Our coffee is ocean air infused and roasted in Atlantic Canada.


We use organic, fairtrade and /or Rainforest Alliance certified beans whenever possible.

See What People Are Saying

People just like you got amazing results.

"We had Ocean Fresh this morning and *chef’s kiss* so delicious!"


"The best coffee I have had!!  I am so impressed with the flavor and how smooth it is to drink. This is now my go to brand!"


"Ocean Fresh's salt undertone brings bold flavor when used for cocktails or desserts.  It is my go-to for Americano. It extracts very nicely and has a nice smooth crema!"


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Ocean Air makes BETTER tasting coffee!

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