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Fun Flavored Coffees!

Embark on a flavor adventure with our whimsical flavored coffee collection! Enjoy blends like Banana Bread and Coconut Macaroon, bringing your favorite sweet treats to your morning cup.


Crafted with the perfect balance of the highest quality beans and flavors, our coffee turns each sip into a moment of pure joy.

Saltwinds Flavoured Coffee

It's not just coffee; it's a carnival of taste for your daily brew. Elevate your mornings, one delicious cup at a time!

"Just purchased the Coconut coffee. So good. Iced with Coconut milk!"


We bought a bag of the cherry coffee beans at the night market on Thursday. We brewed it up this morning now we're back home in Ontario. It's delicious!!


I bought a bag of coconut coffee and it is by far the best coffee I have ever had!


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