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Colombian Single Origin Coffee - Tolima Region

Colombian Tolima Single Origin Information
Colombian Black Condor Project Coffee

Indulge in this exquisite Arabica coffee blend from the Tolima region of Colombia.

This coffee showcases a sweet profile infused with notes of red and purple fruits, complemented by subtle hints of soft citrus and decadent chocolate.

The experienced producers meticulously select the finest beans for this coffee, which are then pulped and fermented in mucilage for 24 hours, ensuring a balanced taste. After washing, the beans rest on a drying patio for 15 to 25 days, reaching optimal development and a harmonious flavor profile. The final cleaning removes the parchment, revealing the final product.

Experience the magic of this meticulously processed coffee and savor its complex, harmonious flavors with every sip.

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Columbian Black Condor Project

Support for Coffee Farmers Affected by Guerrilla War

Coffee bag containing Black Condor Coffee

The establishment of  the "Black Condor Project" provides crucial support to farmers in Gaitania who have been impacted by guerrilla warfare. This assistance helps these farmers overcome challenges related to conflict and promotes stability within the community.

Black Condor Project Coffee

Help coffee farmers in Colombia while enjoying an excellent coffee!

Coffee Farm in Colombia

Excellent Quality

Through workshops and training sessions, the project helps producers enhance the quality of their coffee beans by educating them on various processes such as fermentation, drying, and cupping. This results in improved product quality, which means a better coffee all of the time.

Black Condor Coffee Project training session

Economic Empowerment for small hold coffee farmers

The project ensures fair payment to local coffee growers, offering rates significantly above the market rate. This provides financial stability and prosperity to the farmers and their families, contributing to the economic development of the region.

Black Condor Coffee Project training session

Community Development

By establishing a central processing hub, the project creates a sense of community among the coffee growers from over 15 villages in Gaitania. This fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and support among the farmers, contributing to the overall development of the local community.

About Black Condor Coffee

Emmanuel from the Black Condor Coffee Project

In the heart of Gaitania, Tolima, Emmanuel, a coffee enthusiast from a long line of coffee experts, began his journey into the world of coffee in 2006. Learning about processes, quality, and varieties fueled his passion for crafting specialty coffees. However, like many farmers, he faced the challenge of a lack of a central processing hub. In 2016, Emmanuel and his family took action, creating a coffee processing center benefiting over 15 villages in Gaitania.

The Black Condor Project was born in 2016, focusing on key aspects:

  • Establishing a washing station to support farmers affected by war.
  • Ensuring fair payment, offering rates 18-20% above market.
  • Hosting workshops on processes, fermentation, drying, and cupping.
  • Fostering competition among producers to promote their coffees.


Today, The Black Condor Project has over 100 independent coffee producers, making a real impact on regional prosperity and economy.

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Creating real value for the coffee farmers and their communities

From the founder

"Today, the Black Condor Project has over 100 independent coffee producers on board and is a vital part of our purpose, creating real and tangible impact within our communities and their regional prosperity and economy."

EmmanuelEmmanuelFounder - Black Condor Coffee Project

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