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About Black Condor Coffee


Amidst the verdant landscapes of Gaitania, Tolima, sits the birthplace of Colombian coffee in a region historically affected by war. 

Meet Emmanuel, a true coffee aficionado raised by a lineage of coffee professionals. His journey into the world of coffee began in 2006, fueled by a desire to delve deeper into the craft. Learning the intricate ropes of processes, quality control, and coffee varieties only served to ignite his passion further. However, Emmanuel, like many local farmers, faced a common challenge: the absence of a central processing hub for quality control.

In 2016, Emmanuel and his family decided to take matters into their own hands. They embarked on a mission to create a coffee processing center that would not only address this pressing issue but also bridge the gap for over 15 villages in Gaitania, empowering local coffee growers to process their beans efficiently.

Enter The Black Condor Project—a collaborative initiative aimed at supporting and uplifting coffee farmers in Gaitania. Forest, alongside Emmanuel, took this project under its wing to elevate it to the next level.

Emmanuel from the Black Condor Coffee Project

Black Condor Core Principals

Supporting Farmers Affected by War: A washing station was established to aid farmers affected by guerrilla conflict, providing them with essential resources and support.

Fair Payment: Ensuring direct and fair payment, with rates set 18-20% above the market rate, equating to $350,000 COP per load, ensuring that farmers receive the compensation they deserve for their hard work.

Commitment to Quality: Hosting regular workshops with producers covering various aspects such as processes, fermentation, drying, and cupping, ensuring a consistent focus on quality.

Community Engagement: Inviting roasters to immerse themselves in the project firsthand, fostering a deeper connection between producers and consumers.

Colombian Tolima – Single Origin – Medium Roast Coffee


Smooth, rich, intense – delicious!  There is no coffee that better expresses the classic coffee flavours than Colombian coffee. Sweet profile with the flavours of soft citrus, chocolate and plum.

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