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Coffee first came to North America aboard wooden sailing ships. The fresh sea air would infuse the coffee during its trip. We have recreated this exceptional coffee drinking experience with our ‘Ocean Fresh’ coffees.

We use no carbon fuels in the roasting of our coffee, and have proprietary carbon capture technologies to further reduce our carbon footprint.

We are 100% committed to quality and sustainability. From the coffee we source, to the cup we strive to produce the best quality, planet friendly coffees possible.

You can feel good drinking our coffee and knowing we are doing our part to help save the planet… one cup of coffee at a time.

Brad – CEO

What our customers are saying…

The nicest people with a top quality product!

Seriously some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. Check out their pop up at the Garrison Market, and find out for yourself. The nicest people with a top quality product, their coffee is worth every penny.


Highly Recommend it!

I picked up a bag of Ocean Fresh Dark Roast at Turners craft fair in Moncton. Firstly, it smells amazing and the slightly Salty undertones with the coffee is delicious.

Nancy W

A touch of saltwater taffy with notes of vanilla…

Excellent roast to enjoy black. This dark roast was very mild compared to many other dark roasts I’ve tried but in a pleasant (not weak) way. The mellow, yet smooth taste held well throughout the entire cup even as the coffee’s temperature dropped. A touch of saltwater taffy with notes of vanilla, toasted marshmallow, and caramelized brown sugar lead to a very unique and enjoyable flavor profile that I would definitely recommend. Brew Method: Inverted Aeropress Water Temp: 95 C Bloom Time: 10 seconds Steep Time: 60 seconds

Jesse E

Amazing coffee blend!

I would like to commend you on your amazing blend of Drunken Sailor. I had the pleasure of stopping by your booth in Fredericton on June 16th, when my wife and I had visited New Brunswick. We purchased this coffee and have been enjoying the rich smooth blend back in our home in Whitby Ontario.


Happy there is an eco-conscious coffee company!

Hello, I was given a sample pack of your coffee last night at the Night Market and I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy it! I think it’s very good coffee and am happy there is an eco-conscious coffee company in Fredericton now.


Could have enjoyed it black!

Met the team at the Fredericton Garrison Night Market this week and received a sample of this blend. I was so excited to try it so I’m having it for breakfast the very next day. The sample was pre-ground but smelled so fresh. The size of the grinds worked perfect in my French Press. I’m a cream & sugar girl BUT when trying a new coffee I always take a few sips of it black before dressing it down so I can get a taste of the actual coffee. This blend was tasty and strong but not overwhelming. I could have enjoyed it as it was black but I really enjoyed it dressed up as well and will definitely be buying this in the future. Thanks!

Vanessa M.

Great fragrance, EXCELLENT taste!

Thrilled to have you in the neighborhood. Brewed a big pot of Captain’s Blend first thing in the morning after the Thursday Night Market. Great fragrance, excellent taste. We Loved it. You are doing it right!! Thank you!!

Gwen B

When we set up our roast shop in a roaster in a shed in NB, we hoped to some day be a part of Atlantic Canada’s rich heritage of coffee production. Everyday this aspiration drives us.

The Maritimes has been importing and roasting coffee since the early 1800, and its clean and crisp sea air can produce a superior quality coffee that is unrivaled.

We are proud to share with you coffees from our coffee roastery, locally located in Douglas, NB, which is producing some of the best, carbon friendly coffee going.

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